‘VESTIGE’ is a room-scale multi-narrative VR film that made it’s debut at Tribeca film festival 2018.

My Work

As Technical Director I oversaw all technical aspects of the project which uses Unity as the main rendering engine.

Features include:

  • Volumetric video capture via DepthKit
  • A branching narrative implementation using gaze input
  • Immersive audio with Google Resonance and FMOD
  • Custom shader effects


  • Peabody Futures of Media Award for Virtual Reality Winner 2019
  • Best Immersive Work, Geneva International Film Festival 2018
  • Cinematic VR Award Winner, VRNOW
  • Received the VR Jury Honorary Mention at Sheffield Doc/Fest awards.
  • Finalist for the Innovation in Storytelling Award at Future of Storytelling.
  • Official selection at LA Film Festival.
  • Official selection at Bergen International Film Festival.
  • Official selection at VR Arles.
  • Official selection at Melbourne International Film Festival.
  • Long term exhibition at Phi Center, Montreal.

Official website: