Clip Clip Blow – WIP


A VR game where players can customise various character’s hair styles using interactive styling tools.


The game is aimed at a teen audience where players can choose to follow client requests or express their own creativity.


  • Game mode where clients request specific styles and must be met within a period.
  • Sandbox mode for getting to know the tools at a leisurely pace
  • Social mode for cooperative styling across a local network
  • Drying – Use the blow dryer just for fun as well as to remove adornments.
  • Shortening – Accurately reduce hair length with scissors or do wholesale changes with a shaver.
  • Lengthening – Hair too short? No problem, just spray on some more hair!
  • Colouring – Spray the characters hair unique colours.  Also apply a layer of glitter for that added bling!
  • Adornments – Bring out the inner fashionista by attaching various objects to a characters hair.
  • Selfies – Take snapshots of your creation or yourself using the in-game camera.
  • Radio – Alter music and all things audio using the in-game radio.