Xbox 360 Performance

Xbox 360 Performance

May 24, 2007 computer games game development performance pix xbox 360 xbperfview xenon 0

Things aren’t too bad at the moment. Whilst contemplating a career move decided to aim in a different direction so rather than move teams I am after promotion. Whether I get it or not is questionable although I don’t doubt I have the pre-requisites, afterall I have generally been doing the equivalent job for the last three years! This may be a better strategic move for my ultimate middleware plan as well because it would be easier to show what I am prepared to do to achieve my career happiness. Only time will tell…

On another note we have been looking at performance today. The tools you get on the Xenon (xbox 360) are damn good! XBPerfView etc, are really useful at showing you where your game is struggling and where you can make improvements. Even little things can make a large difference, although you need to bear in mind sometimes you can make loads of changes and get virtually no benefit so you need to focus on the things that are going to give you the biggest overall improvements. As it turns out most of our game code is reasonably quick (probably because there isn’t much to a glorified animation viewer) and therefore most of our bottlenecks are engine side. Unfortunately the engine has been gone over with a fine toothcomb so it is pretty lean already, with very little room for improvement, or at least that’s what the engine team keep telling us.

Consequently we are left with using PIX to spot the problems but this just highlights what we already knew – that we are graphics bound, i.e. the graphics processing is what slows our game down. One for the render guys on the engine then or to get our artists to improve the visuals so that they don’t cause issues… neither of which are likely to change anytime soon.

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