Vertical Slice

Vertical Slice

May 21, 2007 computer games engine game development uma thurman vertical slice 0

Yesterday was fairly easy going. Ended up watching Kill Bill which was thoroughly enjoyable. Uma Thurman is a quirky looking gal, strangely attractive whilst not at the same time. Still, a very good actress (or should that be actor these days?) all the same. I had forgotten how good the two films were and I was almost constantly reminded of many of my favourite martial arts films, Lady Snowblood and Shogun Assasin being a couple. I must sit down and watch these agian now.

Today, I had a generally easy going day as well, involving only one meeting and not too many interruptions. Most of my day involved updating the engine for our game which takes an age at the moment because we are a few versions behind because we had a vertical slice last week.

Vertical slice… who the hell came up with that idea? For those not familiar with this term, in the games industry this is supposed to be a fully working version of a game half way through it’s development cycle. The problem is that generally the game isn’t even close to finished at this point and as such you waste time adding ‘fixes’ to the game to make it seem final and polished that then cause problems towards the end of the project as these ‘fixes’ get forgotten about. Therefore it’s a waste of time in my opinion, but when someone else is paying the bills I guess it is a necessary evil if it keeps them happy.

Anyway, more engine fun tomorrow…

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