To branch or not to branch?

To branch or not to branch?

May 25, 2007 computer games game development marriage subversion 0

Well today was fruitful. Moved over to subversion from sourcesafe. This was fairly painless in the end, a few teething problmes, but otherwise quite easy. And what a difference this tool makes – far superior to source safe which although has been reasonably good in the past just doesn’t quite cut it anymore for asset management. Atomic check-ins and branching being the best features, this looks like it will speed a few things up considerably.

Pursuit of promotion over the move to middleware may be on the verge of completion. At least it will look better on the CV if I actually decide to move on and in the meantime it will hopefully mean more cash! Still, my ultimate goal is to get the middleware into something that could be worthy of the name. Unfortunately now is not the time with the way things are panning out which is extremely unfortunate – frustrating and disappointing!

Now it’s time to relax as my week holiday starts. Generally I hope to do as little as possible – may go cycling a bit and may even venture back onto Warcraft which is far too addictive! I need to get into a bit better shape for the wedding. My fiance got her back pierced a couple of days ago which I have no objection to, but it looks painful. Rather her than me. Family visiting tomorrow and then suit fitting on sunday, ah the joys of marriage.

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