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We Are Astronomers

I went to the premiere of ‘We Are Astronomers’ last night at the National Space Centre in Leicester and I must say it was absolutely fab! If you get the opportunity to go to the Space Centre (or one of the other six locations it is playing at in the UK) this is a must…
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May 21, 2009 0


Following gamecity I’m feeling more inspired to work on my own stuff. Time to get something out on the iPhone.

November 5, 2008 0

Lego Mindstorms

I have been dissapointed recently by the Lego Mindstorms NXT software. Originally when I first played with my friends NXT robot and the software that came with it, I was impressed with it’s simple appearance, ease of use and the potential for quick robot prototyping. In general this is still possible but recently I have…
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July 28, 2008 0

Human Interface

I read recently about Nintendo’s patent for a blood pressure monitor. This interested me, what with the current trend for keep fit based games and peripherals from Nintendo for the Wii platform, as I myself have started to be a bit more health conscious and can see the benefits of these devices for those that…
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July 23, 2008 0

A new leaf

I have turned a new leaf in my career, so I needed a new blog to keep track of it all and this is it. I’ve not posted for a while due to work commitments but now that I don’t have any, it’s time to rediscover the web 2.0 phenomenon. I suspect there will be…
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July 21, 2008 0

End of an era

Today is the day I finish my current employment! It’s been a long and generally enjoyable period of my life, during which time I have worked on five released high profile titles across eight different platforms, namely the Sony PS1, PS2 and PS3, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, Nintendo Gamecube and Wii as well as…
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July 4, 2008 0


Whoever thought demos for E3 were a good idea were mistaken. What a waste of time and no doubt I will be expected to work overtime to meet the makeshift deadline with promises that can’t be kept. Everytime we get these development interruptions it simply delays everything by a good two weeks to a month…
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July 3, 2007 0

To branch or not to branch?

Well today was fruitful. Moved over to subversion from sourcesafe. This was fairly painless in the end, a few teething problmes, but otherwise quite easy. And what a difference this tool makes – far superior to source safe which although has been reasonably good in the past just doesn’t quite cut it anymore for asset…
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May 25, 2007 0

Xbox 360 Performance

Things aren’t too bad at the moment. Whilst contemplating a career move decided to aim in a different direction so rather than move teams I am after promotion. Whether I get it or not is questionable although I don’t doubt I have the pre-requisites, afterall I have generally been doing the equivalent job for the…
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May 24, 2007 0

Vertical Slice

Yesterday was fairly easy going. Ended up watching Kill Bill which was thoroughly enjoyable. Uma Thurman is a quirky looking gal, strangely attractive whilst not at the same time. Still, a very good actress (or should that be actor these days?) all the same. I had forgotten how good the two films were and I…
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May 21, 2007 0